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Truss, Rigging, stands, Crowd Barrier, towers, cable management, all the ancillary equipment necessary to ensure your event is professionally and efficiently installed, runs smoothly, safely and fulfils its legal obligations. We carry extensive stocks of truss and staging from manufacturers such as: prolyte, litestructures, milos, globaltruss mobiltech, zenith, doughty to name but a few.

Quad Truss

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Quad Truss
0.5m Truss
0.7m Truss
1m Truss
2m Truss
2.5m Truss
3m Truss
2 Way 90 Degree
Quad Truss T Piece
2 Way 120° Corner
3 Way 90° Corner
H30V Small Plate
H30v Heavy Base Plate

F33 Truss

Triangle Truss
1m F33 Truss
2m F33 Truss
2.5m F33 Truss
3m F33 Truss
5 way F33 Junction
3 Way F33 90° Corner
2 way F33 90° Corner

Trilite Truss

Trilite Truss
0.4m Trilite Truss
1m Trilite Truss
1.6m Trilite Truss
2m Trilite Truss
3m Trilite Truss
Trilite 2 way 90
120° Trilite Corner
Trilite 3 way 90 Corner


1T Lodestar Electric Chain Hoist
4 Way Lodestar Controller
Doughty Stage Weight
Bracing Pole Various Length
Scafold Pole Various Length
750mm Boom Arm
Swivel Clamps
Fixed 90° Clamp
Truss Adaptor
Tube Coupler
D Shackle
Bow Shackel
Coated Steels
1T Strops
2T Strop
5T Strop
1T Manual Chain Hoist
1/4 T Manual Chain Hoist
Scaff Tower


Mobiltech SPTEK4000 Wind Up Stand
Doughty nebula 4.2m Windup Tower
Doughty Zenith 6.2m 200kg Winch Stand