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Truss, Rigging, stands, Crowd Barrier, towers, cable management, all the ancillary equipment necessary to ensure your event is professionally and efficiently installed, runs smoothly, safely and fulfils its legal obligations. We carry extensive stocks of truss and staging from manufacturers such as: prolyte, litestructures, milos, globaltruss mobiltech, zenith, doughty to name but a few.

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1T Lodestar Electric Chain Hoist


Electric Chain Hoists Electric Chain Hoists or "motors" as they're more commonly called in the entertainment industry are used for applications such as lifting and securing overhead truss systems, lighting arrays and speaker clusters. Taking center stage is the CM Lodestar electric chain hoist which is recognized worldwide as the industry workhorse.



  • 20m chain length.

  • Comes with pickle 4way control

  • Proven Brake Design: AC electromechanical brake has been field tested in more than one million Lodestars worldwide.

  • Lightweight, Cast Aluminium Housing:Durable and strong cast-aluminum housing is black powder coated for low visibility.

  • Smooth-Operating Gearing: Helical and spur gears designed for long wear life and smooth operation.

  • Load-Tested, Zinc Plated Chain: Designed and manufactured by CMCO, chain is made in America and zinc plated to protect against corrosion. Optional black finish available.

  • H4-Duty Rated: Designed for heavy-duty applications.



  • £35.00 per day

  • £65.00 per weekend

  • £95.00 per week