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Truss, Rigging, stands, Crowd Barrier, towers, cable management, all the ancillary equipment necessary to ensure your event is professionally and efficiently installed, runs smoothly, safely and fulfils its legal obligations. We carry extensive stocks of truss and staging from manufacturers such as: prolyte, litestructures, milos, globaltruss mobiltech, zenith, doughty to name but a few.

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Scaff Tower


The BoSS Evolution 850mm x 4.8M with Cam-Lock Advance Guardrail provides an alternative build method equally supported by the HSE for BoSS Clima & BoSS Ladderspan towers and offers the option to assemble the tower with guardrail in place before user ascends the platform, increased tower rigidity & simpler build with easy to use Cam-Lock.



  • Safety – guardrail in place before user ascends the platform

  • Tower rigidity – created by positive Cam-Lock action

  • Fewer components – quicker & simpler build

  • Easy to use Cam-Lock

  • Clearly identifiable locking mechanism

  • Minimise loss – AGR frames less susceptible to loss and damage than braces

  • Towers of 8.7m and above should be tied in when used externally

  • Towers at 8.2m platform height are supplied with large SP15 stabilisers as at this height they can be used externally without tying in



  • £50.00 per week