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Acoustic Consultancy

Expression Events can provide Acoustic Consultation work for a variety of applications - From Noise propagation for Housing to Noise control for live events.

Acoustic Measurement and control.

Expression Events can provide a professional qualified Acoustic consultation service for new builds, renovations, change of use to ensure compliance to BS 8233,  and BS en ISO 717-2,

We Can help where noise has become a problem following a change of use or where new sound equipment has been installed. Our Experienced team can offer everything from simple advice on staying within the current guidelines, to a full sound insulation installation to keep your venue legal and operational.

We also install sound equipment and or limiting equipment to ensure any set limits for event venue’s are adhered to at all times. We have a wealth of experience in this field which Allows us to provide you with acoustic monitoring/consultancy service to include:


​Noise at Work Regulations:

Through an on-site noise risk assessment, Expression can produce the necessary report documentation and advice to ensure your compliance with the noise at work regulations 2005 (noise at work regs)

Room Acoustics:

Poor room acoustics from excessive reverb, reflection and resonance can degrade ambience, creating oppressive environments and significantly reducing speech intelligibility, resulting in mis-communication. We can help you through sound testing, and the implementation of noise control measures.

Sound Insulation Testing:

We conduct sound insulation testing in accordance with Building regulations part E. Through onsite sound testing, measurement, analysis, and calculation, we can assess the insulation of your building. We also offer free noise control advice.

​​Noise Surveys:

Noise pollution is now taken very seriously and noise surveys (or noise assessments) are requested more frequently. They are important to determine the impact of noise from transport, commerce or industry, at residential dwellings and used to calculate mitigation measures to ensure successful co-habitation.