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Our sound hire department has been augmented with lighting that importantly upholds our commitment to provide both quality and value. As a result, you'll find our inventory stocked with the best, latest and recognised industry standard brands such as Robe, Martin and Chauvet as well as relatively new and exciting entrants into the lighting markets such as SGM. From a simple Parcan system for a school play to a full blown concert rig we can ensure your event has the impact it deserves!

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QTX Vertical


This unique fog machine can be operated horizontally, vertically or hung upside down from trussing. With a 1300W heater and high-pressured pump, it can produce around 20,000 Cu Ft (566m³) of fog per minute and project up to a height of 5m. It can be operated by the wireless remote or by a single channel on DMX. As with other QTFX fog machines, this unit features MIRROR piping patent technology to reduce the rate of jamming, and the special microcomputer control system maintains a high temperature allowing the unit to run efficiently for long periods of time.



  • 20,000 Cu Ft (566m³) per minute (approx)

  • Operated by wireless remote control

  • 1 channel DMX to control the output from the machine

  • Master & Slave mode

  • Large tank capacity 2.5 litres

  • Anti-jamming pipe technology

  • Intelligent microcomputer keeps the temperature high



  • £10.00 per day

  • £20.00 per weekend

  • £30.00 per week

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