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Our sound hire department has been augmented with lighting that importantly upholds our commitment to provide both quality and value. As a result, you'll find our inventory stocked with the best, latest and recognised industry standard brands such as Robe, Martin and Chauvet as well as relatively new and exciting entrants into the lighting markets such as SGM. From a simple Parcan system for a school play to a full blown concert rig we can ensure your event has the impact it deserves!

Moving Head Lights

Desks And Control

Chamsys MQ100 Expert


The MQ100 Expert is the original ChamSys console featuring the familiar and flexible GUI lighting control, media server connectivity options and in-built Pixelmapping for LED. MagicQ Expert utilises the same software and show formats as the MagicQ Pro consoles enabling compatibility between all products in the entire MagicQ range.


Measuring just 625mm by 580mm it fits comfortably into even the smallest of FOH control positions. With its large in-built colour touch-screen there is no need for external monitors - the control is at your fingertips.



  • Tracking / non-tracking option

  • Fixture, FX and gel library

  • In-built fixture editor

  • In-built media engine

  • LED pixel mapping

  • Fixture morphing and cloning

  • Rainbow colour picker (CMY, RGB, HSI)

  • Individual fade times on any channel

  • Easy fanning of parameters and times

  • Configurable faders - HTP, LTP, speed, size, masters

  • Theatre mark cues, split fades and inhibit masters

  • Client/server network architecture

  • Remote console control

  • Visualiser support (including patch transfer)

  • Architectural zoning and day/date support

  • In-built UPS (~15 mins)

  • Handy armrest storage compartment

  • Keyboard, mouse and Dust Cover

  • MIDI & SMPTE built in

  • Andio Input



  • £100.00 per day

  • £200.00 per weekend

  • £300.00 per week

Effects And Effect Lighting


Generic Lighting

Outdoor Lighting

LED Lighting

Lighting Cable