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Our sound hire department has been augmented with lighting that importantly upholds our commitment to provide both quality and value. As a result, you'll find our inventory stocked with the best, latest and recognised industry standard brands such as Robe, Martin and Chauvet as well as relatively new and exciting entrants into the lighting markets such as SGM. From a simple Parcan system for a school play to a full blown concert rig we can ensure your event has the impact it deserves!

Moving Head Lights

Desks And Control

Chamsys MIDI/Timecode Interface


  • Multipupose MIDI and LTC Timecode Interface

  • MIDI notes and MIDI show control

  • MIDI Timecode, EBU25, SMPTE30, NTSC30, Film 24

Connects via USB to MagicQ PC/Mac or MagicQ consoles to provide support for MIDI in, MIDI out, LTC in, LTC out.

All the common timecode protocols including EBU25, SMPTE30, NTSC30, Film 24.

MIDI input can be used to trigger playbacks and other features via MIDI notes.  MagicQ can be programmed to trigger specific playbacks/cues/macros from specific MIDI notes.

The Interface supports standard MIDI Show Control for triggering Cues and Cue Stacks.  This enables MagicQ to be used together with other consoles/software and systems that support the MIDI Show Control protocol.

MIDI Notes commands can be output from each Cue in Cue Stacks using simple MIDI strings.

MagicQ Pro2014 console's have a built in MIDI/Timecode module as standard with MIDI in, MIDI out, LTC in and LTC out..

MagicQ MIDI/Timecode Interface comes with a USB cable and instruction sheet.


LTC in via 3 pin XLR
LTC out via phono connector
Triggering of MagicQ features via MIDI notes
Triggering of MagicQ Cues / Cue Stacks via MIDI Show Control
Power status LED
Connection status LED

Effects And Effect Lighting


Generic Lighting

Outdoor Lighting

LED Lighting

Lighting Cable