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Our sound hire department has been augmented with lighting that importantly upholds our commitment to provide both quality and value. As a result, you'll find our inventory stocked with the best, latest and recognised industry standard brands such as Robe, Martin and Chauvet as well as relatively new and exciting entrants into the lighting markets such as SGM. From a simple Parcan system for a school play to a full blown concert rig we can ensure your event has the impact it deserves!

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Chamsys Snakesys R8


The SnakeSys R8 is an eight universe Ethernet to DMX convertor in a 1U rack. It support eight DMX512 ports that are fully configurable as either inputs or outputs. It also features dual Neutrik Ethercon network ports.

The SnakeSys R8 is designed to be used on shows where large numbers of universes are in use and there is a need to convert to and from DMX. It provides the ability to easily switch between different Ethernet or DMX sources.

The SnakeSys R8 uses a simple but powerful Ethernet to DMX engine, based on a custom designed FPGA hardware logic. This ensures maximum performance and reliability - it is truly designed from the ground up for the task. It avoids the complexity and unreliability of other designs based around PC hardware or microprocessor boards. DMX processing and merging is carried out within the FPGA logic.

The SnakeSys R8 can be configured over the network from MagicQ via the ChamNet protocol.



  • Universal Ethernet to DMX interface

  • Eight DMX512 ports, configurable as outputs or inputs

  • Dual Ethernet ports

  • Art-Net and ACN support

  • Can be used with any Art-Net or ACN compliant console

  • LCD display with multi-switch selection

  • ChamNet remote configuration

  • Stand alone DMX buffer mode

  • RDM capability (subject to firmware development)


The SnakeSys R8 supports in-built standard configurations, including:

  • All Art-Net output (Art-Net 0-7)

  • All Art-Net input (Art-Net 0-7)

  • All ACN Output (Universe 1-8)

  • All ACN Input (Universe 1-8)

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