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Small touches can make a huge difference to the impact of your event. Even a small speech can benefit from a stage to bring focus to the presenter. Having a small PA system can help to amplify your message over background noise. Atmospheric lighting can be used to add impact without breaking the bank. We hold a Wide variety of equipment for small to large events, plus technical team dedicated to ensuring that the right equipment is recommended based on your requirements and budget. From a simple speech to multi camera live work as well as full HD pre and post event production, From initial concept right through to delivery including the latest 3d projection pixelmapping technology, we can add the impact your event deserves!



TV Screens

Playback And Control

Tascam DVD Player


The BD-R2000 from Tascam is a professional-quality rackmount video recorder that allows you to capture standard or high-definition video to a hard drive, SD card, DVD, or Blu-ray disc.


  • Record to HDD, SD Card, DVD, and Blu-Ray

  • Captures Standard or HD Video

  • Integrated Editing Features

  • FireWire, S-Video, USB, and HDMI

  • Optical Audio Out

  • Single-Touch Dubbing

  • Wired and Wireless Remote Control



  • £15.00 per day

  • £30.00 per weekend

  • £40.00 per week

AV Cables

Lecterns And Podiums