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It’s where we started. From the beginning we’ve operated on a no-compromise standpoint for audio quality. We have continued this commitment to providing only the highest quality audio equipment available. From the cutting edge Dj/Vj equipment from Pioneer to the latest digital mixing consoles from Yamaha, Avid and Soundcraft. Not forgetting the world leading reinforcement brands such as Nexo and L acoustics. From the old school analogue of Midas to their world leading pro series of digital, we can supply an audio solution to ensure your clients, guests or customers get the message – loud and clear!

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4 Pole Speakon


4x 2.5mm vdc tour grade cable with Neutrik speakon Series. Known in the professional audio industry as "The loudspeaker connector" has become the state of the art in speaker and amplifier connectivity. Introduced in 1987 speakON was invented by Neutrik as a result of customer demand for a reliable speaker connection. The pro audio market quickly realized the advantages of this completely new connection system.

The design is optimized for loudspeaker applications with an outstanding cost-performance ratio.


  • Reliable and robust, easy and fast to assemble

  • 4 pole cable and chassis connectors.

  • Optimal "Quick Lock" system for speaker applications

  • Neutrik® proven and unique chuck type cable strain relief

  • Outstanding cost-performance ratio

  • De facto standard

  • Meets all worldwide safety requirements (IEC, UL, ...)




  • £1.00 per day

  • £2.00 per weekend

  • £3.00 per week


  • £1.50 per day

  • £3.00 per weekend

  • £4.50 per week


  • £2.00 per day

  • £4.00 per weekend

  • £6.00 per week


  • £2.50 per day

  • £5.00 per weekend

  • £7.50 per week


  • £3.00 per day

  • £5.00 per weekend

  • £8.00 per week